show hosts

Tom EvansTom Evans Square started his professional career as an expert in broadcast technology at the BBC and Sony. These days he is as surprised as anybody to be on the other side of the microphone and camera.

He’s switched his focus from the magic of TV to the magic of the mind. He loves asking Big Questions and making what seems complex as simple as possible. His books are an eclectic mix of self-help and personal development, philosophical futurology and metaphysical exploration.

The Zone is a special place where magic happens and life ceases to be a struggle.

Jackie RobertsJackie Roberts is an accomplished conversationalist. Her timeful return to the Zone Show brings her refreshing light heart and curiosity back to our airwaves.

Jackie has extensive experience with clients who enjoy her mentoring and coaching in areas such as leadership, purpose, family and relationships.

She has recently been called a ‘shepherd’, a simple moniker which denotes the care, attention and kindness she brings to those around her.