TZS289 Your Life Matters

My guest on this podcast is author, intuitive healer, meditation guide and author’s mentor and friend, Junie Swadron.

Junie shares her passion for getting words down on the page to both heal and provide a gateway to the soul.

There is a short meditation at the end of this podcast so pull over if you are driving.

Gateways to the SoulTopics covered :

  • The realisation that our life matters
  • The common denominators in our lives
  • Discovering why your life matters
  • Taking the first step
  • Why write your life story?
  • Writing yourself home
  • Reflecting on your own words
  • Looking back to grow forwards
  • Diving deep & leaping high
  • Write/right where you are
  • Using your breath as a creative spark

Links from the Podcast

Junie’s web site
Your Life Matters : The Book
ACHA : Academy for Creative and Healing Arts
Lawrence Cooper : From Agony to Ecstasy

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