TZS287 Quantum Spirituality

Amit GoswamiAmit Goswami returns to the Zone Show to talk about his latest book, Quantum Spirituality : The Pursuit of Wholeness – and a whole lot more.

This book might just be the missing piece of the jigsaw you are looking for and the manual to help us evolve to the next phase.

You will also find our previous podcast conversations below as well as some meditations to help you access the consciousness states we talk about. Do not listen to the meditations while driving.

Quantum SpiritualityTopics covered :

  • How lockdown is the perfect time to open up
  • The rise of dictatorship
  • Challenging traditional spirituality
  • The propensity of the human brain
  • How lockdown gives us an opportunity to really open up
  • Becoming a world-centered person
  • Becoming whole … and being part of the whole
  • Really finding love
  • Love as a transformative tool
  • Changing the brain’s habits – and alpha males
  • Taking conscious control of the heart – and other chakras
  • What the next 100 has in store for humanity
  • The next phase of human development
  • Developing the community consciousness …
  • … and augmenting the collective unconsciousness
  • Correlating with other people across space and time
  • Developing your intuition
  • Creating a balanced brain
  • Creating a balanced world
  • Writing a balanced book
  • The way out of ‘me-centredness’

Useful Links

Amit Goswami’s web site
Buy Quantum Spirituality on Amazon
The Quantum University

Meditative Resources

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