TZS281 This Love Stuff Really Works

In this podcast, I explore what love is, really, with Christine Miller. Christine has interviewed many CEOs and change-makers on how to bring love into the boardroom and workplace. Make a leap from working for a living to loving the work that you do.

Note this podcast contains a meditation at the end, so pull over after the interview if you are driving … or engage auto-pilot if you are flying an aeroplane.

Your Love Intelligence

Topics we chat about :

  • The many words for love
  • How there can be fears around love
  • Creating a loving environment
  • Money can’t always buy you love
  • Creating the atmosphere for love to thrive
  • Love can be nicely infectious
  • Bringing your whole self to the party
  • Taking the first steps to transition
  • Developing your LQ – your Love Quotient
  • Mapping your stakeholders
  • Being mindful of the next six generations
  • Becoming a Soul Trader
  • Love ‘at work’ in our lives
  • Activating your Heart Ray

Types of Love

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Love in the Boardroom

100 Meanings of Love

The Heart Ray Meditation

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