TZS277 Your Seven Chakras

Aditya JaykumarIn this episode, I chat to Aditya Jaykumar, the progenitor and host of the amazing My Seven Chakras podcast. Take a journey through the chakras with you to discover how to tap into and utilise these sometimes esoteric energy points. If you’ve ever fancied starting a podcast, find out too how to get up to three million listens!

The ChakrasTopics we chat about :

  • How podcasts connect souls
  • The benefits of a podcast for the host
  • What exactly is a chakra?
  • The Sushumna, Ida and Pingala meridians and nadis
  • What are blocked or imbalanced chakras?
  • How a lock down might compromise our chakras
  • Opening up in a lock down
  • How sound influences our chakras
  • Keeping a podcast going
  • ‘Checking in’ with the collective desire of your audience
  • Taking action with the Action Tribe
  • Taking conscious control of your chakras
  • Sharing experiential and experimental journeys
  • How do you start and monetise a podcast?
  • Allowing your Bigger Why to be revealed
  • What would you do if money and time were not a constraint?
  • The power of incantations
  • Focusing on the ‘Right Things’
  • Letting go of the known, in order to find the unknown

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