TZS276 Pull Back Your Power

dr Anne WhitehouseIn this episode, I chat to Dr Anne Whitehouse about her book, Pull Back Your Power. Discover why, especially in these strange days, it’s time for the sorceresses to emerge to help us create a new world – but to bring men along for the ride too! Find out too why a good fairy tale is the perfect metaphor with which to convey deep wisdom.

Pull Back Your PowerTopics we chat about :

  • Running a fictional story throughout a non-fiction book
  • Different types of alchemy
  • The role of men in helping women pull back their power
  • Why women shut down aspects of themselves
  • The range of typical female archetypes
  • The awakening the sorceress
  • Pulling back your power
  • The energies of the status quo
  • Altering and controlling your power with subtlety
  • Retraining your energy field
  • Helping people on the front line
  • Coping with personal tragedy – and using it as a catalyst for transformation
  • A future where sorceresses and sorcerers walk and manage the Earth
  • The new energies emerging to create something new
  • The role of the sorceress in helping men awaken

Useful Links

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