TZS275 The Note Whisperer

Pablo ArellanoA conversation with fellow Insight Timer composer, musician and meditation guide Pablo Arellano. Discover how Pablo tunes into his Muse and how he helps us to make the path to enlightenment easy with his music. The podcast concludes with a stunning cello piece which sums up the conversation beautifully.

What we talk about

  • Why Pablo did not end up in a rock band
  • Balancing commerciality with the spiritual path
  • Why copyrighting is important
  • Licensing your music
  • Learning how to improvise
  • The geometry of the keyboard
  • Using the piano to ‘play’ other instruments
  • How Pablo ‘tunes in’
  • Getting the head and heart in sync
  • Finding the right ‘instrument’
  • Listeners mirroring the feeling of the composer and musician
  • How music transcends time and space to ‘move’ people
  • And how music bypasses the filter of the conscious mind
  • Finding our ‘voice’
  • Making enlightenment easy
  • Loving the present moment

Links from the podcast

Pablo’s web site
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Learn To Still Your Overactive Mind Using Mantras
Pablo’s YouTube Channel

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