TZS274 A Message for Our Time

Keziah GibbonsIn this podcast, I am in conversation with fellow Insight Timer meditation guide, Keziah Gibbons.


Note, this podcast slides into a Tarot reading for our times – which is somewhat like a meditation and visualisation – a ‘podcastitation’ if your like.

Click here to download, save and print the Tarot spread below

Tha Tarot Reading

  • Keziah’s ‘long way round’ journey
  • How life keeps slapping us in the face, until we wake up
  • How Insight Timer has developed into a community
  • Going meta with the Tarot
  • The Tarot is a personal coaching programme in disguise
  • How to go about a Tarot reading
  • Getting into the liminal space
  • How there are more than one way to remove ‘stuck-ness’
  • Difference lessons can come from collective experiences
  • Revising the rules by which we live
  • Tools to help in these times

Links from the podcast

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The Druid Craft Tarot Deck
Keziah’s Insight Timer meditations on the Insight Timer app
Keziah’s Tarot course on the Insight Timer app
Keziah’s web site
Psychologically Informed Practice for Quarantine and Uncertain Times

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