TZS270 The Oasis of Meditation

Mary MadduxA heart-warming conversation with fellow Insight Timer meditation guide Mary Maddux. Discover how meditation is a tool and key that opens the door to a new way of life and being.

Note, this podcast includes a short live meditation from Mary so you may want to pull over if you are driving.

Meditation Oasis Logo

  • The creation of the oasis
  • Meditation, mindfulness and mindfulness meditation
  • A higher purpose and role for meditation
  • How meditation is widely accessible
  • What leads people to meditate
  • How meditation leads to us going with the flow
  • Mirroring the meditative state
  • The sabbatical state
  • How the apprentice appears when the teacher is ready
  • How Insight Timer has become a community of Like Minds
  • How meditation awakens supersensibility
  • The difference between gross and subtle intellect
  • Why we should get the whole world meditating (for free)

Links from the podcast

The Meditation Oasis web site, apps and meditations
Mary’s meditations on the Insight Timer app
The Best of Enemies – the movie Mary saw recently (37mins)

My meditations, courses & mindfulness podcasts on the app

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