TZS269 Starting a Wave

Jackie RobertsIn this podcast, the tables are turned as The Zone Show’s new co-host, Jackie Roberts, talks to Tom Evans about how and why his new novel Soulwaves came about. While it is a book and audiobook, discover why it’s already spawned spin offs like an album and set of guided meditations – and why this is starting a soulwave of its own making, in a kind of self-fulfilling way.

Soulwaves All VersionsTopics we chat about :

  • My unexpected journey
  • Learning the craft of a writer
  • The role of a sci-fi writer
  • Becoming planetary guardians
  • The cosmic cycle of life and death
  • What are Soulwaves?
  • The concept of a self-aware Universe
  • Starting a soul-wave … and having fun
  • Finding the right person at just the right time
  • Allowing your soul path to find you
  • Why down-time, and time-out, are so necessary
  • The ‘bonkersness’ of synchronicities
  • The possible mechanism of predicting the future

Links from the podcast

Read or listen to Soulwaves
Soulwaves : The Album on Insight Timer
Tune into your soul on Insight Timer
Join the Soulwaves Facebook Group

Books I mention …

One Hundred Years of Ermintrude
The Phenomenon of Man
The Big Ü
The Germinatrix
The Self-aware Universe
What My Soul Told Me

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