TZS261 Balancing Health and Wealth

Kiné CorderIn this podcast, I talk to fellow Insight Timer meditation guide, financial therapist, grandmother and all time happy person, Kiné Corder.

Discover why health is the precursor to wealth, how to have your ‘cake’ and eat it and alternatives to the way we handle, thing about and handle money.

The Art of Starting OverTopics we chat about :

  • How Kiné stopped living in the future
  • The genus of the Presendential Lifestyle
  • Connecting Wellness and money
  • Earning money and keeping healthy
  • Dealing with blocks to prosperity
  • Controlling the Controllable
  • Start with wellness and the money comes next
  • The art of ‘thinkatating’
  • Why philanthropy is smart
  • Scaling giving from the micro to macro
  • The link between generosity and abundance
  • Why holding on to too much money can be toxic
  • Reciprocation and barter
  • How financial success can lead to stress
  • The influence of your money history
  • Moving from a fear-based economy
  • Money and the gender difference

Links from the podcast

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Example recipe for Broccoli Rice – I add chopped fruit e.g. apricots

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