TZS257 On Course with Christopher Plowman

Courses on Insight TimerChristopher Plowman, CEO and co-founder of Insight Timer, returns to talk about the new courses now available on Insight Timer. This is one of the most significant updates since the app was purchased as it introduces paid-for, premium content in a big way for the first time.

Topics we chat about :

  • Initial reception of the courses
  • The responsibility of running an app like this
  • The challenges of maintaining a high up-time, always-on service
  • How San Paolo is a meditation hotspot for Android users
  • The benefit of micro-learning
  • The new Insight Timer classrooms
  • How courses become discourses … and a conversation
  • Raising consciousness involves connecting with others
  • How the investment works … and where it goes
  • Creating a sustainable model
  • How teachers dismantle ignorance
  • What’s next?

Links from the podcast

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