TZS251 A Year in Review on Insight Timer

Christopher PlowmanChristopher Plowman, CEO and co-founder of Insight Timer, returns to update us on what’s been going on with the app in 2017 … and where it’s going in 2018.

Topics we chat about :

  • Update on the success of the 365 Day Meditation Challenge
  • Why it’s OK not to meditate every day
  • Why it’s useful to quantify the performance of the app
  • 1660 teachers serving 3 million meditators
  • The widening the meditation experience
  • The new offline mode
  • Keeping the app free but adding premium services
  • New Donations for Teachers
  • Bookmarks, playlists, curation and sharing
  • Insight Timer courses

Links from the podcast

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Tom Evans meditations & mindfulness podcasts on the app

Just for Today in Norwegian : Bare for i Dag

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