TZS250 How to Create Anything

Orna RossAuthor, poet and creativist, Orna Ross, shares insights on the process of how to create anything – and why creativity is important to all aspects of our lives – and our very being.

We talk about a live event we are hosting in London on the 25th Novemeber and sowing the seeds for a global movement of Creativism.

How to Create Anything WorkshopTopics we explore:

  1. Why the process of creativity is widely applicable to creative living in general
  2. Being conscious about creativity
  3. Why many creative projects don’t get finished
  4. Switching away from negative bias
  5. Why starting the day with meditation helps us set the intention for the day
  6. How to make a living whilst being creative and making a difference
  7. The importance of pacing and timing

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Orna’s meditations on Insight Timer

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