TZS247 A Deeper Insight

Christopher PlowmanChristopher Plowman, CEO and co-founder of Insight Timer, gives insight into the latest incarnation of the app and shares some of where the app is going in the near future.

Find out too about how the plan includes increasing the sense and power of the community.

Topics we chat about :

  • Update on the success of the 365 Day Meditation Challenge
  • Improving the ability to find guided meditations
  • Following teachers and interests
  • Deep linking in and out of the app
  • How analysing stats gives insight as to how to direct app development
  • The wide range origins and influences on the app
  • How the app is agnostic, ecumenical and secular
  • Why Insight Timer is like Religion 2.0
  • Plans for monetisation
  • Creating a vibrant teacher community
  • Creating the best free app and app that is free
  • Mixing the commercial with the conscious

Links from the podcast

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