TZS245 Mindfulness for Young Adults

Jem ShacklefordJem Shackleford, the Executive Director of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education UK, explains why you are never too young (or old for that matter) to embark upon the practice of mindfulness.

Topics we explore:

  • Jem’s mindful journey
  • Bringing mindfulness into schools
  • Making mindfulness fun
  • Simple mindfulness exercises for children (and adults)
  • Taking a ‘seven-eleven’
  • Helping fidgety children
  • The younger you start, the easier it is
  • How to train as a teacher to be a teacher of mindfulness
  • How the evidence base for the benefits of mindfulness is growing
  • Making mindfulness training accessible based on what people can afford
  • Imagining a world where mindfulness is mainstream

Here’s the ‘free Apple Watch’ video mentioned in the podcast

Useful Links

Find out more about Jem, his work and events :
iBme Retreats in the UK
iBme Retreats in the US

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