TZS243 A Manual for Developing Humans

PMH AtwaterAuthor and world leading expert on Near-Death Experiences, PMH Atwater, returns to The Zone Show to talk about her new book, A Manual for Developing Humans – and why its been hidden in a box for 39 years!

Topics we explore:

  • How the book came from a NDE
  • The labyrinth of ‘future memories’
  • Why the time is right now
  • The nature of the ‘voice like none other’
  • How humans are being developed by ‘the void’
  • Timings around your birthday
  • Pay attention to what’s at eye level, and in your drawers
  • The cyclical nature of things
  • How the microcosm reflects the macrocosm
  • The five dimensional structure of the book
  • The triune ‘nature of things’
  • The difference between the imagined and the imaginal
  • Having an NDE-level enlightenment without the inconvience of having actual NDE
  • ‘Hu-mans’ as gods in the making
  • The discovery that time is a form of matter

Useful Links

Find out more about PMH, her books, marketplace and services at:
PHM Atwater’s Main Web Site
Get A Manual for Developing Humans on Amazon

Books & People Mentioned in the Show

Our Dreaming Mind by Bob Van De Castle
Stories of Your Life by Ted Chiang
Marcel Vogel
David Milarch’s Ancient Tree Archive

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