TZS242 Starting a Podcast

Colin GrayIt always an extra pleasure to interview a fellow podcaster and this week’s guest, Colin Gray, the founder of the Podcast Hosts doesn’t disappoint.

If you have ever fancied starting a podcast, you’ll find most of the How’s and Why’s here.

Topics we chat about :

  • Why set up a podcast?
  • Only 1 in 5 people listen to a podcast
  • The non-locality, and ‘non-temporality’, of podcasting
  • Getting started with podcasting
  • Choosing your podcast format
  • How learning to interview makes you a better interviewee
  • Start a podcast just using a smartphone
  • Why quality of content is more important than technical quality
  • Which mics to choose
  • How to edit your show
  • Getting listeners to your podcast
  • Media hosting, syndication and directories
  • Outsourcing podcast production
  • The future of podcasting
  • Why ‘smart speakers’ are game changers
  • How podcasting gets you interviewed too

The Podcast HostLinks from the podcast

The Podcast Host
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
RĂ˜DE smartLav+ lavalier mic
Sennheisr PC-8 headset mic
Shure MV5 USB mic
The Zone Show on iTunes
Blubrry Powerpress
Libsyn podcast hosting
PodcastHost Production Directory
The Zone Show on Tunein
Alexa on Echo
How to start a podcast
Five day podcast email course
My interview on the PodcastHost

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