TZS230 The Road of Recovery

Daniel GerrardRecovering addict, Daniel Gerrard, is now a registered certified Interventionist, a Recovery Coach and the creator of the Addiction Helper web site and helpline.

Discover how going to ‘rehab’ does not mean being dragged away kicking and screaming and learn how to escape from the Addiction Zone.

This podcast includes a guided meditation so don’t listen to the last 10 minutes while driving.

Addiction Helper web siteTopics we chat about :

  • How Daniel got addicted
  • Why trauma is often the trigger
  • The difference between a habit, mild abuse and addiction
  • The genetics of addiction
  • The resistance to rehab
  • The five characteristics, and core behaviours, of an addicts
  • The three parts of an addiction illness
  • The Good Orderly Direction from AA
  • Spotting addictive tendencies in children
  • Why there’s lots of love in rehab
  • Life on the other side of addiction
  • Why going up often involves coming down
  • AddictionHelper – ‘the addict saving experts’
  • Ditching medication for meditation

  • Links from the podcast

    Daniel’s web site
    The Addiction Helper Helpline
    Free Eckhart Tolle meditation on Insight Timer
    Ken Seeley

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