TZS228 The Voice of Milk and Honey

Bethany Auriel-HaganThis week’s guest is one of the top meditation guides on Insight Timer. When you hear Bethany Auriel-Hagan’s voice, you will understand why her meditations have been listened to well over 1 million times.

This podcast contains a short, guided meditation so driving is not recommended.

Topics we chat about :

  • How Bethany started her meditation journey
  • We don’t have to meditate on a cushion
  • The difference between visualisation and meditation
  • Meditation observes the mind and visualisation engages the mind
  • Why ‘getting to sleep’ meditations have the most downloads
  • The practice of meditation is more important than the style
  • What’s the difference between mindfulness and meditation
  • Is meditation the antidote to thinking too much?
  • The world is too loud, too fast, too bright
  • Thinking is the brain talking and meditation is the brain listening
  • Doing what is yours in the world to do
  • What happens when passionate commitment meets surrender
  • The synthesis of male and female magic
  • How the Insight Timer app is a guru in your pocket
  • Working from a space of surrender

  • Links from the podcast

    Bethany’s main web site
    Bethany on Insight Timer
    Tom Evans on on Insight Timer
    Ambient music from Christopher Lloyd Clarke
    Ambient music from Eternell
    Meditations for Weight Loss

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