TZS218 Talking Loud and Clear

Steve BustinProfessional speaker, author and communications coach, Steve Bustin, explains how to present with clarity, purpose and passion – and how he has made a living from using his voice.

Discover how you can become an authority when on stage.

The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public SpeakingTopics we chat about :

  • Getting over the fear of presenting
  • Making a living from speaking
  • Planning and approaching a presentation
  • ‘Asking the audience’
  • Using social media pre-event
  • Being a ‘congruent’ speaker
  • It’s painful but watch yourself back on video
  • The importance of rehearsing
  • Avoiding ‘death by Powerpoint’
  • Mind maps and ‘fishbone’ templates
  • Finding your ‘stories’ and pitching them
  • Becoming a ‘mindful’ presenter
  • The importance of using the diaphragm

Links from the podcast

Steve’s web site
The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking
The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness

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