TZS217 A Time of Insight

Christopher PlowmanChristopher Plowman, the co-founder of the Insight Network and CEO of the Insight Timer phone app, shares his vision for a kinder and calmer world where the whole world meditates every day.

Get the app for free today and take the 365 day meditation challenge.

Tom Evans on Insight TimerTopics we chat about :

  • How the current app came about
  • The importance and power of a community
  • Getting the whole world meditating one person at a time
  • Making meditation accessible to all regardless of financial means
  • Signing up to an app and staying for the friends
  • Why consciousness is connection
  • Meditating every day – together!
  • Expansion plans for the app
  • How humans are essentially loving in nature
  • Why meditation is the key to rewiring of old patterns
  • How if everyone meditated we’d have a kinder planet
  • Harnessing the silent power of the Insight Timer community

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