TZS 224 The Art Cure

Bridgette MayerArt dealer, curator, art advisor, author and entrepreneur, Bridgette Mayer has spent decades cultivating her passion for both art and artists. She has found her way to the top of the art world. Her book, The Art Cure, describes how this came about after her suffering an abusive childhood that landed her in foster care homes and on the streets, starving and beat up.

If you have a dream yet unfulfilled, read The Art Cure today.

Topics we chat about :

  • How our choices dictate where we end up
  • The benefits of embracing our fears
  • Art as a healing force
  • Writing a book as catharsis
  • Doing what you love and not doing what you don’t love
  • Living in the zone
  • Being a poor artist is someone else’s story
  • Dispelling the ‘starving artist’ paradigm
  • Scaling globally, one artist at a time
  • The power of community

  • Links from the podcast

    Bridgette Mayer Gallery
    Bridgette Mayer Artist Advisory Service
    The Art Cure book

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