TZS 223 The Magic of Prayer

Dame Lee Milteer is an celebrated entrepreneur, visionary, best selling author, intuitive business mentor and a Dame! Her latest book brings prayer back into a contemporary context, without dogma and irrespective of your creed.

Lee explains why it even works for atheists too!

The Magic of PrayersTopics we chat about :

  • The difference between prayer and meditation
  • We are 1% physical and 99% free spirit
  • Why it’s a good idea to be specific in your prayers
  • Making peace in yourself
  • The ‘difference’ between prayer and a spell or incantation
  • Turning the ‘volume’ up on your prayers
  • Why “Amen” is optional
  • Being specific at the same time we are wide open
  • Bringing ‘blessed’ opportunity your way

  • Links from the podcast

    Lee Milteer’s main web site
    The Magic of Prayers on Amazon
    Vision Quest in Sedona

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