TZS213 Living an Awakened Life

Master Charles CannonEnlightened Master Charles Cannon takes us on a journey around the seasons in his book Living an Awakened Life : The Lessons of Love.

Discover why meditation is our ally in transition to Human 2.0.

living an awakened lifeTopics explored:

  • The importance of a meta structure for a book
  • The spiritual derivation of technology
  • The Holistic Model of Reality
  • Using technology to ease and ensure entry to the meditative state
  • Using meditation to heighten perception
  • Consciousness evolves through all its forms – not just humanity
  • Merging spirituality, consciousness and technology
  • How awareness is a measure of the evolution of consciousness
  • Meditation is the most time honored balancing technique
  • The greatest church and shrine is the heart – @30 mins!!
  • Meditation becomes a 24 hour a day experience of the unbroken awareness
  • The coming of Human 2.0
  • Getting a software upgrade for your soul
  • Our ‘summers’ are based on what precedes them
  • The cyclic nature of consciousness
  • Moving to a contribution consciousness
  • Living in a world where just enough money comes your way

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