TZS211 The Dualarity

olivier van duurenForward thinker and visionary, Olivier van DuĆ¼ren, shares his vision for a world where humanity and technology harmonise and synthesise a new way of being and doing.

Discover how to move from a business that might be injured or scared to one that is healthy and mature.

Topics we chat about :

the dualarity

  • What is the dualarity?
  • How to make a business sparkle?
  • Start by leading, energising and loving yourself.
  • Moving towards a singularity.
  • The duality quadrants.
  • Moving from scared and injured to healthy and mature.
  • Why adversity represents an opportunity.
  • Why personal transformation is a precursor to business transformation.
  • Discovering your why and your what.
  • Embracing the dualarity gives technology purpose.
  • How dogs aid creativity.
  • Technology as a tool for global change.
  • Never let your ego be bigger than your talent.

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