TZS 216 What is Practical Mindfulness?

The Authority Guide to Practical MindfulnessSue Richardson, CEO of SRA Books, turns the tables on me and interviews me about my new book, The Authority Guide to Practical Mindfulness.

Discover how to access an easier and more productive state by treating yourself to 10 minutes of Me Time each day.

Topics we chat about :

  • You can be mindful without meditating
  • You can meditate without being mindful
  • How to use mindfulness techniques practically
  • How to be happier, more joyful and more productive and creative
  • Fusing Eastern mysticism with Western neuroscience
  • Getting into EMT – Extended Me Time
  • Not all thoughts come from our head
  • Making and creating the time to meditate
  • Stopping is the new starting
  • Escaping from Mindfalls
  • The singular nature of thought
  • The subjective nature of time
  • Our left and right brains have a different experience of time
  • Creating an ‘interruption barrier’
  • Being mindful in teams
  • Breathing, seeing, thinking and seeing together
  • Making ideas actually happen
  • The power of the spin off
  • Slowing down is the new speeding up

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Listen to the first of the ten meditations that accompany the book here