TZS209 This Life is Joy

Dr Roger TeelAn enlightening conversation with a life-transforming speaker, a gifted community builder, and a global spiritual leader, Dr. Roger Teel, about his new book This Life is Joy.

Topics explored:

  • Why problems precede enlightenment
  • Why heaven is so much a place on earth
  • The toxicity of the notion of Original Sin
  • How the essence leads to experience and grounds in expression
  • How ageless wisdom appears new thought comes through the lens of experience
  • the life is joyHow to tap into the essence and get in the channelling ‘zone’
  • The usefulness of a meta structure when writing a book
  • The awakening of the heart centre
  • How to get back to centre if the wheels fall off the bus
  • Why forgiveness has to start from within
  • Really happy people don’t start wars
  • Why smart businesses should switch to heart-based thinking

Links from the podcast

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This Life is Joy on Amazon
Roger’s Heart Work programme on Sounds True
The Mile Hi Church
My meditations on the Insight Timer app
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