TZS208 From Woe Zone to Go Zone

dr ashley curielBeverly Hills psychologist, Dr Ashley Curiel, explains how mindfulness meditation is so effective as a therapeutic tool.

Topics explored:

  • The difference between a psychiatrist and psychologist
  • The struggle of managing and maintaining image
  • How ‘improv’ helps us manage the making of mistakes
  • The principle of ‘yes and’…
  • Being improvisational in therapy
  • Knowing when someone moves from woe zone to go zone
  • Discovering the benefits of mindfulness and meditation
  • The use of humour [humor] as therapeuitic tool
  • The power of metaphor
  • Ambivalence indicates mis-alignment of gut, heart and head mind centres
  • The metaphor of our chakras

Links from the podcast

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The Heart-full Living Programme

Practical Mindfulness