TZS202 Being Mindfully Practical

Tom Evans Mindfulness Meditation GuideIn this podcast, the tables are turned on me by a previous guest on the Zone Show and fellow Authority Guide author, Chantal Cooke, who explores the practical outcomes from meditating for just 10 minutes a day.

Topics explored:

  • What is mindfulness exactly?
  • You can be mindful without meditating
  • … and meditate without being mindful
  • Why it’s worth paying attention to each and every thought
  • Talking to your thoughts to escape from mindfalls
  • Allowing the world to come to you
  • Using meditation as a tool to make things happen
  • Getting both halves of our brains working in harmony
  • Getting your head, heart and gut working together
  • How being mindful in business is a smarter and easier way to be
  • Living weller for longer
  • The four main ways to meditate
  • Starting your meditative practice

The Mind Map from my new book

Authority Guide Mind Map

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