TZS199 The Promise of Money

Pot of GoldIn this podcast, I am sharing some alchemical secrets from my book, New Magic for a New Era, on how to increase the flow of money into your world by increasing your promise.

What readers are saying …

“Fireworks for the mind. Simple yet fascinating, enlightening yet charming, wise yet humorous. The wisdom in the pages is so profound you could read and re-read it cover to cover and still discover more magic. Moving and beautifully engineered.”

New Magic for a New EraTopics explored:

  • How money doesn’t exist when the Earth is viewed from space
  • The flow of money is a measure of how well your magic is working
  • The role of trusted third parties
  • Our economy is based on a series of promises
  • The ways to increase your promise
  • Focus solely on what you promise
  • Entrust all your dreams will just appear
  • Add value and increase your flow of money
  • Learn something new each day

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