TZS 201 An Accidental Authority

Yin Yang ClockIn this podcast, the tables are turned on me by a previous guest on the Zone Show, Rev Dr Karen Tate, who explores how a BBC TV engineer became a mindfulness meditation guide by complete accident.

This podcast previously broadcast on Karen’s channel on 24th August 2016

Topics explored:

  • How my career took off in an unexpected direction
  • Allowing the world to come to you
  • How I became a meditation guide by accident
  • A wider definition of mindfulness
  • Our brain is both a generator and receiver of thought
  • Why it just takes 10 minutes a day
  • You can be mindful with meditating and meditate without being mindful
  • The three-fold mindful timeful kindful ROI
  • Bending and creating time
  • Time is mostly ‘man-made’
  • The speed of our breath affects our time perception
  • How thought forms interfere with each other
  • Creating spirals of abundance
  • Entering External Me Time [EMT]
  • Whole Brain and Whole Mind Thinking
  • How to find your soul mate with mindfulness
  • Becoming a channel and oracle

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