TZS191 Leaving a Breadcrumb Trail

Tom EvansAuthor and intuitive healer, Catherine Carrigan, turns the tables and interviews Tom Evans, the usual host of this podcast, about his journey from the world of technology to the magical place he finds himself in now.

Topics we explore:

  • Moving from left to right brain operation
  • Evolving from the whole brain state to the whole mind state
  • How the magician awoke
  • Synthesising male and female magical wisdom
  • What routine helps Tom stay in the zone
  • Bringing fun into the spiritual journey
  • Seeing the lessons in adversity
  • Leaving bread-crumb trails
  • Having a glass that is over-brimming
  • Directing our own evolution
  • Taking conscious control of lower mind centres
  • Activation of the heart ray

The Secret Man

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Books mentioned

The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments
This We Know
This We Are
The Zone
New Magic for a New Era
Mindful Timeful Kindful
Managing Time Mindfully