TZS189 The Real Food Revival Plan

Brian Cormack CarrAuthor, coach and foodie-with-insight, Brian Cormack Carr, explains why we need to get real food back at the centre of our diet.

Topics we explore:

  • Why all diets don’t work for everyone
  • Finding out what works for you
  • Why processed food is cheap
  • A real food diet on a budget
  • What do you do if you don’t like cooking
  • How to have space for a pudding
  • Managing hunger and understanding your appetite
  • Being mindful about consuming our food
  • Negative thoughts affect choices and digestion
  • Dealing with the ‘beige buffet’
  • Why weight is not necessarily the best measure
  • Dealing with faddy kids and different likes
  • Weight saving and cost saving
  • Dealing with one billion hungry people and one billion obese

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Real Food Revival Plan on Amazon
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Guila Enders – Gut

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