TZS187 The Inefficiency Assassin

Helene SeguraAuthor, Productivity Consultant & Time Management Fixer, Helene Segura, returns to The Zone Show to talk about her new book, The Inefficiency Assassin.

Topics we explore:

  • Ending the overwhelm
  • The need to disconnect from our devices
  • Coping with the fear of missing out
  • From tomboy to teacher to time management expert
  • Why Me Time leads to more time
  • Time management starts with mind management
  • Bringing time management into schools
  • The dream of a blank to do list
  • Reflecting with power
  • Making friends with time
  • Time management in teams
  • Getting over ‘brainus interuptus’
  • Why a good night’s sleep is critical

Links from the show

The Inefficiency Assassin
My Just for Me Meditations
Managing Time Mindfully

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