TZS184 Children of the Fifth World

PMH AtwaterAuthor and world leading expert on Near-Death Experiences, PMH Atwater, returns to The Zone Show to talk about her book, Children of the Fifth World – and the coming of the next root race.

Topics we explore:

  • What are the Death Flash and Life Flash?
  • NDEs as heavenly sledgehammers
  • The breath of life and death
  • Why Darker Matter and Dark Energy are not so ‘dark’ after all
  • Making sense of the missing 96%
  • The ascendancy of the fifth root race
  • Black Light, White Light and God’s Light experiences
  • IQ, EG, SQ, WQ and QQ – the new measures of ‘intelligence’
  • The rise of the ‘Groupies’
  • How best support the children
  • Conscious involvement in our own evolution

Useful Links

Find out more about PMH, her books, marketplace and services at:
PHM Atwater’s Main Web Site
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PMH Atwater’s books on Amazon

Books Mentioned in the Show

Isis Unveiled, Madame Blavatsky
Cosmic Memory, Rudolph Steiner
Kids Beyond Limits, Anat Baniel

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