TZS 174 The Stress Free Zone

Hazel McCallumHazel McCallum is a corporate executive coach and expert in helping people and businesses deal with stress. In this podcast, she shares her 60 Second Tranquiliser and I share a 10 minute mindfulness meditation.

Topics covered

  • How stress comes from things outside of our control
  • If we change how we think and react, we can manage stress
  • Why stress and a challenge can be beneficial
  • When stress moves from being helpful to being damaging
  • How we are predisposing ourselves to be stressed these days
  • Making adjustments to reduce stress
  • Being stress-full or stress-free is a choice
  • Stress management
  • Destressing by breaking stress down into small chunks
  • Stress management starts by setting intention
  • Hazel’s 60 Second Tranquiliser
  • Noticing and dealing with the stress triggers

Note that this podcast interview includes a meditation at the end, please don’t listen to the end 10 minutes while driving.

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Do What You Love

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