TZS 158 Passing the Gatekeeper

Raymond WileyRaymond Wiley is a consummate veteran of both podcasts and terrestrial radio. He is a historian, a seeker and an opener of doors. In this philosophical exploration, he explains why it’s always a good idea to give every door knob a rattle.

Topics covered

  • Podcasts as opportunity machines and serendipity generators
  • The Georgia Guidestones
  • Being here to be a witness
  • How the occult can become ‘a cult’
  • Pursuing the phenomena of conspiracy theories and theorists
  • How one podcast can spawn another
  • What’s the USA doing in Syria?
  • The podcast as a door opener
  • Why you never know who the gatekeeper is going to be
  • Why it’s always worth seeing if a door is locked or open

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Raymond takes a tour around the Georgia Guidestones