TZS 154 Reclaim the Magic

Lee MilteerDame Lee Milteer is an internationally known and celebrated entrepreneur, shaman, best selling author, award winning professional speaker, TV personality, and Intuitive Business Mentor.

In this enlightening podcast, Lee talks her about her new book, Reclaim the Magic.

Topics we explore:

  • Power is internal
The time to bring the ‘woo-woo’ out is now
  • Facing the Dark Night of the Soul
  • Life doesn’t happen to you, it responds to you
  • How to connect to the Infinite Intelligence
  • 30 days of scripting is enough to kick things off
  • How to take control of your thoughts
  • Why success is an ‘inside job’
  • Focus on your natural talents – and take action
  • Keeping one foot in heaven and one on Earth
  • The importance of ritual
  • The beauty of keeping an ‘evidence book’
  • Asking for a sign
  • Forgiveness is the key
  • Grudges suck energy from us
  • Why the right attitude is crucial

Useful Links

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